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TOEFL® Test Preparation

American National English Language Institute offers a thorough curriculum to prepare you for the TOEFL® test, improve your score, and enhance your English Language proficiency. Students take two classes per 10-week term.

Program Curriculum

Beginning English: Reading & Writing

Beginning English: Listening & Speaking

Foundations of English: Reading & Writing

Foundations of English: Listening & Speaking

Intermediate English I: Reading & Writing

Intermediate English I: Listening & Speaking

Intermediate English II: Reading & Writing

Intermediate English II: Listening & Speaking

Introduction to TOEFL: Reading & Writing

Introduction to TOEFL: Listening & Speaking

TOEFL Preparation: Reading & Writing

TOEFL Preparation: Listening & Speaking

Have you already taken ESL courses at another institution? Speak with an ESL Program Representative to determine your point of entry into American National’s ESL program.

Beginner Level – These courses are designed for those who have little to no experience with English and cover the basics of the English language.

Foundations Level – The foundations level courses are designed for students who are somewhat familiar with the English language and wish to build upon their basic skills, with proficiency and confidence.

Intermediate Level – Intermediate level courses are designed for students who have a solid working grasp of the English language and are ready to progress into full fluency.

The Introduction to TOEFL® and TOEFL® Preparation courses are designed to prepare international students to improve their English skills for academic and professional purposes.

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