Refer a Friend

You can help build your American National English Language Institute.

How? It takes a great amount of money to advertise the great English language programs that are available at ANELI to enable people just like you to learn English well enough to seek higher education opportunities or just to improve everyday communications. Usually such advertising is paid to other organizations such as advertising agencies and marketers.

We want our students to benefit from the use of those funds instead of outside agencies. In addition we want to keep the tuition costs to our students as low as possible. That is why ANELI wants to let you, the student benefit from expenses that would otherwise be paid to outside parties.

That is why we are implementing a referral program that lets you lower your tuition costs while getting the word out to your friends and associates about the opportunities to learn English from a CEA accredited institution.

This is how it will work:


Do you know someone who is interested in improving their life, advancing their career, or continuing their education? If your answer is yes! We can help you help your friends and family.

At American National English Language Institute, our referral program is our way of helping you help your friends and family as we aim at empowering our student body to reach their goals.

How? Go to our website and complete our referral form! It’s that easy!

The more students you refer, the more you save! Every new enrollment you refer will give you an additional 10% off the school tuition for each term that your friend and you attend our English program!

Referral program policies:

Both the referral and referee must be in good standing for the tuition award with regular attendance in the term in which the referral discount is applied and all required fees paid.

Use the form below to refer your friend, co-worker or family member to American National English Language Institute and we’ll take the first step by contacting them to discuss their future.

    Contact information of your referral:

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