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  • AddressSalem, Va
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Program Overview

Program Overview

American National English Language Institute provides a comprehensive English language training to enhance English language learners’ linguistic proficiency for academic and professional success while immersed in the mainstream of American culture.

Our English program is delivered at several levels in English Language learning and teaching to meet the needs of our students in a competitive global economy. We accomplish this through:

  • Avocational courses designed to increase English proficiency
  • Preparing students for success in their academic and professional fields
  • Fostering immersion of students in the mainstream of American culture through conversation in order to:
    • Enhance global awareness
    • Accelerate their mastery of the English Language
    • Learn American slang
    • Learn American history and culture
    • Have fun!

18 hrs a week/180 per term/10 weeks long.

Live instruction by certified English instructor + out class activities to re-enforce the students learning by using interactive activities.

Institutional Goals

  • Provide an English language program that fosters the students’ English Language proficiency.
  • Integrate students into American culture to enhance global awareness.

Institutional Objectives

  1. Enhance students’ educational experience in the English language through highly qualified faculty and staff using an individualized learning model.
  2. Establish a learning environment that promotes the development of skills needed for students to be successful in transitioning to various academic settings in learning or teaching using quality curricula, learning resources, equipment, and facilities.
  3. Enhance students’ experiences by providing cultural immersion activities and opportunities to learn more about American culture.

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