Hear From Our Student: Christell Hernandez

Christell Hernandez

“I feel safe, and at the same time the classes are fun.”

Christell Hernandez is currently an entry level student at American National English Language institute from Guatemala. She is currently taking high school classes and has joined our program to improve her communication skills.

When looking for a school to improve her English, she talked with her friend who was attending ANELI at the time. “She told me that she was attending ANELI… she told me she could give me information on how to enroll.” From there she became a student and began learning English with us.

Though she has not studied with us long, Christell has enjoyed her time at ANELI. After getting to know the other students and working with them, her initial nervousness went away and improved her experience. “[I’ve had] a good experience because, apart from learning a new language, I feel safe, and at the same time the classes are fun.” Though she has only had one professor, Christell notes how the instructors truly care for the students they teach. “I appreciate Miss Chong because she is patient and a good person to all of us.” She recommends our program to anyone looking to learn English.

We wish Christell good luck on the rest of the program and hope that her story inspires you to learn English with us at American National English Language Institute.

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