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ESL Program Costs
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*We have frozen our prices which means you can enroll now for 2019 terms at the same tuition price as 2018 terms

ESL Tuition

The tuition per 10-week term: $3,330.


  • Cost of textbooks
  • Technology fee
  • Cultural activity fee

One-time fees: Application fee ($75) I-20 processing fee ($50).
At this time No application/processing fee required until application approved.

English Partnership Scholarship - Up to $6,000

The English Partnership Scholarship is designed to provide opportunities for English learning education for students all over the world. It is offered to international students who pursue their English Learning goals at American National English Language Institute.

Initial Eligibility: Each award year, the first 100 international students who are enrolled in an English as A Second Language (ESL) program of study at American National English Language Institute, may qualify for this scholarship.

Application Process: The application process consists of the submission of an American National English Language Institute international student application for study and the application fee.

Award: Eligible students will be awarded up to $6000 for the entire ESL program at $1000 per ESL level. Scholarship payments are applied directly to students’ tuition and fee charges on their student accounts.



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