About Us

In 2011, American National University’ English Language Institute was conceived to suit the increasing language needs of international students who wished to obtain a degree from a university in the United States but whose mastery level of the English language jeopardized their personal goals. In 2013, ANU’s ELI obtained programmatic accreditation allowing it to receive international students who searched for an English language program that would aid in enhancing their opportunities of being accepted by a university in the U.S. Following along with the spirit which inspired the creation of American National University and its English Language Institute, in 2017 our English language Institute evolved to become American National English Language Institute (ANELI), obtaining institutional accreditation from the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA).

Mission Statement

American National English Language Institute provides comprehensive training at several levels in English Language learning and teaching to meet the needs of students in a competitive global economy. We accomplish this through English as a second language classes designed to increase English proficiency, prepare students for success in their academic and professional fields and foster immersion of students in American culture to enhance global awareness.


Offer English language programs to increase student’s English Language proficiency for learning or teaching environment.

Prepare students for a successful transition to a variety of academic settings in learning or teaching.

Integrate students into American culture to enhance global awareness.

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